Patented and tested drug delivery technology to unlock the therapeutic potential of natural compounds

  • CBD has very poor bioavailability of 6%-10%, therefore extremely high doses are required for meaningful therapeutic effect
  • Molecule specific micellisation, based on NW PharmaTech’s patented emulsion-based technology, drastically improves the bioavailability, and importantly, the stability of hydrophobic natural compounds, thereby unlocking their true therapeutic potential
  • Together with the University of Toronto, we have optimised the micelle formulation for drug delivery and stability of CBD
  • NW PharmaTech's two lead formulations are for the following indications: NWPTCBDMF001-CHRP for Clinically High Risk (CHR) for Psychosis & NWPTCBDMF002-INS for Insomnia Disorder

Formulation benefits

  • Improved solubility of CBD in intestinal fluid
  • Improved chemical stability of CBD
  • Enhanced absorption and bioavailability of CBD
  • Micellar technology harnesses the body’s natural lipid absorption process
  • Straightforward and cost-effective manufacturing

As a hydrophobic molecule, CBD is sequestered in the oil core of the micelle. The hydrophobic chains of the surfactant arrange themselves towards the oil core, and hydrophilic head groups point towards the outside, keeping water out of the micelle.