by delivering the therapeutic potential of natural compounds via a new generation of drug formulation design.

About NW PharmaTech

We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with a 'Nature to Medicine’ strategy and a focus on mental health. We are utilising the latest technological developments in clinical research and drug design to bring to market a new generation of medicines based on natural compounds with unique and promising therapeutic properties. We are dedicated to improving patients’ lives.

Our Mission

Mental health is a complex and underserved global pandemic, further exacerbated by COVID-19.

Many of the solutions available to patients today are poor as drugs often come with unwanted side effects or lack of efficacy. In the meantime nature produces a range of compounds with properties that are uniquely specific to affect the human mind and body in the most profound ways.

Many of these natural compounds possess vast therapeutic potential to aid a vast number of patients suffering from debilitating mental health conditions, and help them return towards a state of homeostasis, thereby allowing them to live longer and happier lives.

Our mission is to identify and deliver the therapeutic potential of these compounds to patients, via a new generation of drug formulation design.

We plan to achieve this through a strategy rooted in rigorous science and a best-in-class team with long standing expertise in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and cannabinoid sectors.

Our patented drug delivery technology allows us to harness the benefits of natural compounds, whilst providing a route to defensible commercialisation.


The G7 countries spend $3.9tn per annum on mental health (8.9% of overall health spending)1


Up to 30% of adults affected over their lifetime 2, accounting for a third of all mental health expenditures ($1.3tn per annum in the G7 countries) 3


Around 3% of people will suffer from a psychotic disorder in their lifetime 4, costing the US alone $280bn per annum 5

Global sleep crisis

Over 30% of adults affected 6, costing the G7 countries $675bn per annum (1.5% of GDP) 7


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