NW PharmaTech is a pharmaceutical company with a ‘Nature to Medicine’ strategy, active within the international cannabinoid and naturally derived medicine industry.

We believe that nature holds the key to healthier living and improved wellbeing and our mission is to develop a new generation of medicines based on known natural compounds with promising therapeutic properties (beginning with the CBD molecule), to target indications around the sleep and anxiety cluster.

We aim to achieve this with scientific rigour and an evidence-based approach, utilising the latest technologies that are emerging in the pharmaceutical sector in pre-clinical development, clinical validation, drug delivery mechanisms and medical Artificial Intelligence.

Recent scientific progress and increased analytical and computational power allows for cost effective and detailed study of natural compounds and their interactions with the human body.

We are currently establishing a secure supply chain for the activate ingredient of our formulations and are developing a proprietary micellized CBD formulation that will offer superior bioavailability compared to what is currently available on the market.

Our company is built on the principles of ethics and sustainability, we are powered by a passionate team and partners, all dedicated to unlocking the potential therapeutic benefits of nature, for a longer and healthier life.


Natural Compounds

We believe in nature

Our R&D work revolves around known natural compounds with promising therapeutic properties. While utilising a proprietary micelle technology platform for superior bioavailability, we have partnered with a leading AI proteomic platform to analyse the pharmacological footprint of each compound.


Market leading APIs

We are working towards offering market leading Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with superior bioavailability - which we utilize in-house for our clinical work in bringing to market proprietary medicines - to pharmaceutical clients, for development under indications outside of our primary scope of interest.


Naturally derived

Our mission is to develop a new generation of medicines based on known natural compounds with promising therapeutic properties. Given the unique characteristics of cannabidiol (CBD) - both in terms of its biochemical properties and potential therapeutic effects – it is the first molecule we are working on and we are aiming to advance it to a licensed medicine for the indications of anxiety and sleep.


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